Managing the Stigma of Bipolar Illness

I am interested in writing about my experiences managing bipolar illness which was diagnosed in 1985 while a Senior at Ivy League College (name not listed). This is almost 35 years ago and also accounts for almost two thirds of my life. I believe that stigma is the primary issue I have had to deal with when managing through this bipolar illness. Similar stigma issues may exist for other mental illness diagnoses. For me the stigma has been at least 50% of the battle. If this story sounds like something you would be interested in hearing more about, please let me know. I am at the juncture now of trying to determine whether to share intimate details about my health and my life in order to get my story out there and to connect with others through story-telling who may share a bipolar diagnosis or know someone who does.

4 thoughts on “Managing the Stigma of Bipolar Illness

  1. I agree with many people that sharing our stories is part of our healing. Some days and instances I’m quick to open up about my anxiety. Other days I feel really nervous and embarrassed. I’m a hypochondriac, which to me sounds like such a joke, but it’s true that I’m overly concerned with matters of health. I know I suffer from this but it doesn’t stop me from overthinking a new sensation I’m experiencing. It helps me to hear other people’s stories as well as share my own from time to time, so I encourage you. I think too it opens the door for us to dig deeper. 😀 Best to you and this new venture!


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