I seem to be the queen of simultaneous feelings right now

As a person who has managed and struggled with bipolar disorder more than half my life, I find myself experiencing two different sets of emotions simultaneously these days. On the one hand, there is my old friend anxiety that I am having trouble keeping at bay. I talk myself out of anxiety each day by noting how few times something I worry about actually comes into being. So on the one hand, my symptoms of anxiety are heightened by the onset and prevalence of covid-19. On the other hand, I find that I feel somewhat obligated to let the general public know that anxiety is alright. It is a normal feeling to be experiencing as we go through this as a society. It also has a beginning and an end. I am not sure if it is my ego that wants to tell the general public that anxiety is OK or my sincere desire to let folks know who have never experienced anxiety that things will ultimately be OK. There will be an end to this madness at some point.

I would be curious if other people are experiencing simultaneously contradictory emotions?

4 thoughts on “I seem to be the queen of simultaneous feelings right now

  1. I agree that it’s a good message to share. I’m grateful that even as we experience heightened anxiety many of us who struggle with it often have tools to help us cope. Ironically now we are poised to help the others.

    And yes I too am feeling multiple emotions at once. I have immense anxiety about all the scary science and yet I am excited to use this time to get a lot of stuff done that I’ve been failing to do (house cleaning, finish first draft of novel, yard work…). You are not alone!


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