Does it make you wonder?

When you see all the aerial photos on the news that show carbon footprint diminishing in various cities around the globe due to stay at home orders, do you see a glimmer of hope amidst the profound heartbreak and loss? When I see how water quality and air quality and the like can be improved by the current standstill of economies at the global level, I am strangely hopeful yet mindful. I am hopeful not in the stopping of our economy, or in our ability to work or in our suspended livelihoods but in the possibility proposed in the last couple of months that if we are successful in switching our energy sources to 100% renewable sources, our lovely planet will react all for the best by our actions. And this reaction will be pretty quick. Our actions individually and collectively do matter when it comes to saving our planet from climate change and all that that entails!

4 thoughts on “Does it make you wonder?

    1. I have been involved in environmental work off and on since I graduated from business school in 1994 as well as during business school. My mantra is what is good for the environment is also ultimately good for human health. I believe if we start addressing some of the climate change concerns, we could avoid the frequency of subsequent outbreaks like covid-19. In a way to me covid-19 is a wake up call to do more to care for human impacts to climate since we are all a part of that puzzle and how it plays out. So sorry to be on my soap box….:)

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