I am afraid

I am afraid for others to know my story of potential child abuse at age 6. I have talked this through in therapy a lot. But coming out of the closet so to speak is different and difficult. I am afraid others will not believe me or will believe I am making up the story in order to place blame on someone other than myself. I have written more extensively in my journaling about the specifics involved in the abuse, but cannot share that level of detail at this time. It feels like being splayed wide open. I also feel like I should be apologizing.

5 thoughts on “I am afraid

  1. I don’t think something that happened to you, that as a kid (and, out of your control), is in any way your fault, or that you could have done anything about it. You were six. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you blessings, closure and happiness.


  2. Thanks for the support. It means a lot. It has been such a long time – 50 years – hard to believe the experience is still with me after all these years. Perhaps speaking my truth as you say will allow me to gently place this chapter back up on the shelf for the time being.


  3. You have definitely nothing to apologise for, it’s not your fault, no matter how cliche it may sound, and I know that you know it on the rational level. I hope that with time you will feel more able to share the burden with someone and that, when you do, you will be heard, believed and treated seriously.


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