Laughter really is the best medicine

A week or so ago, I played Monopoly with my 16 year old daughter. I was the banker and kept forgetting where I was keeping my money versus the bank’s money. My memory issues sometimes are a challenge. Based on this unwitting propensity of mine to “capitalize” on my role as the banker toward my own benefit, my daughter and I were laughing so much we were almost in tears.

I came away from the game feeling like somebody had just rebooted my computer (my emotions) and all the junk files and all the computer viruses (excess anxiety) had magically disappeared.

I don’t think it really matters for the most part what you laugh at particularly if you can laugh at yourself. For me, laughing at myself last week was some of the best medicine I have had in years.

What makes you laugh? I wish each of you a good laugh that does’t stop until you too are almost in tears.

4 thoughts on “Laughter really is the best medicine

    1. Let’s order a round of laughs for everyone….! My husband likes the late night comedy shows. They keep him laughing. I personally don’t like this type of humor so I don’t watch as much as he does. Too much news commentary for me. There are some really funny TV series out there right now. My family has taken to watching comedy more recently than other genres.


  1. I like to laugh at myself if I have anything to laugh at. It can be what has happened at the time, or a memory.

    I also like to watch comedy films.


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