Autism and Anomalous Perception

“Adults with autism spectrum conditions experience increased levels of anomalous perception” (link cited above – authors below).

For many years I have been interested in anomalous perception which some medical dictionaries define as extrasensory perception. From what I understand there is no designation for extrasensory perception in the DSM-5.

A couple of years ago my therapist asked me if I thought I was highly functioning with some aspects of Aspergers Syndrome now considered as on-the-spectrum or ASC (autism spectrum conditions). I was not sure how to respond but I do wonder about being on the spectrum and having anomalous perceptions. I tend to call these experiences paranormal experiences. Although my therapist and I have talked about it, I have not heard from my psychiatrist about it nor have I asked. My official diagnosis is bipolar disorder with mixed states highs and lows.

The article also talks about stress as accompanying the anomalous perception which I am wondering might also help to explain in part my high anxiety.

In general, I think there is not a lot of support among providers and caregivers for the existence of extra sensory perceptions since there is difficulty in determining what is a paranoid thought versus what is anomalous perception. And perhaps rightfully so.

Does anybody else have questions about highly functioning autism and anomalous perception? Can anomalous perception surface with bipolar disorder? Or does it require an ASC diagnosis? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.


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