Anybody Experiencing Memory Loss?

This is a question for folks who have a mood disorder including bipolar illness. For the last several years I have been experiencing mild to moderate memory issues. I have chalked it up to strong psyche meds and basically have not worried about it much. What is the most difficult is that sometimes I forget where I put things. It seems worse for short-term items than long-term items and so far is manageable. It seems worse in the age of covid-19 than before March 2020.

I am wondering if memory issues typically accompany mood disorders including bipolar illness? Not big things like forgetting family names and places but where I put the phone or the keys. So far, I have chalked this up to too much brain function due to the bipolar and too much time at home due to covid-19.

Has anyone with mood issues noticed short-term memory impacts? Thanks in advance for sharing.

6 thoughts on “Anybody Experiencing Memory Loss?

  1. Depression causes memory problems for me. Now I just assume I won’t remember things and write everything down. I have problems with spontaneous recall, too. Sometimes it’s words, or sometimes it’s pieces of information. With that kind of thing, it’s not so much that I’ve forgotten and more that I just can’t fish it out of my head.

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  2. Absolutely. I have dysthymia, and have had several major depressive episodes in the past, and I definitely see a corelation between my mood and my short-term memory. It’s not to the point where it would become a serious limitation, especially that my long-term memory is brilliant, but it does impact my executive functioning and the worse my mood, the worse my short-term memory is.

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