Sometimes when I don’t have the energy…

Sometimes I don’t have the energy to tackle the things on my to-do list. Either the to-do list is too long, or I am feeling anxious about things or some combination of the two.

What I have found when I am feeling this way is if I can just do one small thing on the list like pickup eggs at the supermarket, the rest of the list does not feel so daunting. As soon as I can jumpstart myself into doing one thing that’s productive, the barriers to finishing other items on the to-do list are less so. Often I can go ahead and complete several other items.

Does anybody else have a way of jumpstarting their to-do list? What is your secret?

9 thoughts on “Sometimes when I don’t have the energy…

      1. Same here. I start with the easiest items first. Seeing items checked off is satisfying and gives me momentum to keep going. If for whatever reason I don’t get to the harder things, my thought is “oh well, at least I’ve been made some progress.“ Usually it’s the more stress inducing things that get carried over to the next day‘s list and that’s ok by me;)

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  1. I think you have a quite good trick already; starting with a simple and small thing, like a small ignition. I think “habit stacking” can be quite effective too, meaning having a few non-daunting tasks that you try to do every day, and stacking them together. That can easily create traction 🙂


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