I have a bad case of covid fatigue

I have a bad case of covid-19 fatigue and here’s what I am doing about it.

Anxiety is my go-to emotion. Anxiety in the midst of a pandemic is particularly tough. What I find I am doing with my anxiety is projecting out several weeks, several months and even several years into the future to see what life’s obstacles I need to attend to. This is completely the opposite of what I know I should be doing. I should be living in the moment one day at a time and not getting too far into the future or the past.

In order to help myself along with this goal and this need of getting back into the present, I am contemplating all the things I am worrying about, putting them on a list and then putting a time frame on them as to when they are due. Things that do not fall within the next 2 to 4 weeks or so go on the back burner to be addressed another day.

It is OK but not functional to have a list of all things to attend to until Doomsday. It is much nicer to have a shorter, more obtainable list of things I need to do in the next two weeks.

How do you keep focused on the present in this time of covid?

5 thoughts on “I have a bad case of covid fatigue

  1. I can only focus on the day in hand rather than ahead. I can’t deal with anything more than that and I have been like this before this virus came out.


  2. I had typed a comment and it disappeared:( I use a 90 day planner and do it week by week for most things. Really helps me to focus on the now and stay present. I also meditate, read lots, do puzzles and just try to do healthy things for my brain and to stay present. I’m not on social media either anymore and that has helped me so much with my mindset and mood. It’s tough right now and for so many people, even those who don’t have struggles with mental health, brain injury and more. It’s just a hard time right now and helps to know your not alone and it helps me to not focus on future and focus on the present and what I can control such as doing my part in this Covid crisis and not being someone that contributes to the problem and possible spread. I don’t watch TV or the news, but definitely was in a funk and exhausted and needed to rest and I spend a week watching Schitts Creek on Netflix and it was great. My brain just wanted to rest and do nothing. I also journal a lot and that helps along with therapy on zoom every 3 weeks, moving my body, drinking lots of water and making sure I’m eating regularly and healthy foods.


  3. Hello, we’ve just come across your blog and think its great! We have also just begun our blog adventure and hope you would have time to have a look. We are mental health focused and have some exciting content coming in soon. It would be fab to get some feedback?


    Nick & Lucy



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