Preview for December 2021

Beginning in mid-December I am going to start a mini series of blogs that addresses mental health and experience in the workplace and includes mental illness and experience in the neighborhood or place of worship as well. I am certified as a Project Manager Professional (which means I need to be in control of all details of a project no matter how big or how small……). I will talk about how being a Project Manager has helped me with coming to terms with my bipolar illness diagnosis and how it has complicated things for me. I will also talk about jobs I have had before becoming a Project Manager. The idea is to share a thirty-five plus year career (sometimes paid, sometimes not paid) so people can learn from certain aspects of the illness without having to truly live through them. I will also talk about mental illness in the neighborhood or at place of worship and how to possibly strengthen ties there when strengthening ties in the workplace is less or much less accessible.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, jot me a line about what would be most helpful and I will seek to answer those questions first.

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