Anxiety and High Blood Pressure

Does anyone with anxiety also experience high blood pressure? When I was pregnant in 2003 I had pre-eclampsia which is high blood pressure associated with being pregnant. After my daughter’s birth, I continued to have high blood pressure. It has been 18 years since and I am still on high blood pressure medicine along with my psyche meds. I recently have had to go up on that blood pressure medicine – metoprolol.

I am wondering out loud if other people who have chronic anxiety as I do associated with bipolar illness also have need of high blood pressure medicine. It makes sense to me that the anxiety could either cause high blood pressure and/or exist correlatively (not causally) with it.

Are there other folks out there who experience anxiety and high blood pressure simultaneously? Do you consider this causal or correlative?

One thought on “Anxiety and High Blood Pressure

  1. Hi. I have a lifelong history of lowish blood pressure. 90/60 until i gave birth: 100/60 since then. I also have had corresponding anxiety, at times medicated, other times not. I can’t speak to a connection between a higher BP and bipolar. I’m sorry you’re suffering. I’m told it can make you feel quite unwell ♥️


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