Brain Fog

I have been experiencing brain fog for the past few days. This includes memory issues, trouble holding a thought and trouble with concentration.

I have been googling about it and it sounds like brain fog can accompany bipolar which I have.

The brain fog started when I decided with my doctor to go down 25mg on my Clozapine – from 400mg to 375mg. I have since decided this can wait until stress surrounding my daughter’s finals and graduation dissipates.

Brain fog for me is very different from racing thoughts. Brain fog is difficulty finding a thought and hanging onto it, while racing thoughts are usually elevated and rapidly firing and usually occur with an elevated mood.

Have you ever experienced brain fog or racing thoughts? Do you find brain fog different from racing thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Brain Fog

  1. Depression slows my brain down. I suppose it is brain fog, although I don’t tend to describe it that way. I think of it more as neurons not connecting, or I sometimes call it mashed potato brains.


    1. Sorry to hear that. Mashed potato brains is a good way of putting it. For me it is kind of like trying to turn on a gas burner and there is no connection for a flame. The spark goes for a second but does not connect to make a flame or a thought. I guess this goes with your neurons not connecting??

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  2. Brain fog is a current frustration of mine and my psychiatrist tells me it happens when our hippocampus is under stress. The fog frustrates me, but I prefer it to racing thoughts. Racing thoughts often lead to panic-induced behaviours or panic attacks.

    I’m sorry you’re struggling. Sending energy and support. 💖


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