Does Anyone Have Information on Loxapine for Bipolar?

I am in the process of looking into a new psyche med. I currently use Clozapine as my main psyche med but it requires a monthly blood test and causes weight gain. I have also been on Clozapine since 2008 and wonder if its effectiveness is waning.

The drug I am considering is Loxapine which is structurally very similar to Clozapine. Both meds are used for schizophrenia mostly but have been successful in treatment of resistant bipolar which is my gig.

Does anyone have stories to tell about Loxapine for bipolar? Or for other off-label uses? Thanks in advance for sharing.

As an update: I talked to my doc yesterday about switching from Clozapine to Loxapine. He indicated it was not a good idea. And while I am somewhat disappointed, I trust his judgement completely. So there will be no switch to Loxapine. I am however still interested in stories of how Loxapine might have helped in your treatment if you have used before?

Thanks to all of you who have reached out here and before.

6 thoughts on “Does Anyone Have Information on Loxapine for Bipolar?

  1. I can no longer take antipsychotics due to tardive dyskenesia, when i did I found Abilify caused less weight gain than older meds like Mellaril. Risperdal caused me to gain a ton also. Wish I had more info to help you.


  2. Interestingly, I just started loxapine to help with the increase in PTSD symptoms and anxiety. The first few doses made me a bit sad, but that passed quickly, and it does help with my mental agitation.


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