Various Interventions for Stress?

Plans to take my daughter to college next week are leaving me stressed with a capital S. I have scheduled an extra appointment with my therapist for tomorrow. I have gone up a little on my Clozapine. Perhaps not enough…? Everything feels very stressful. Making plans for wisdom teeth removal in December. Making plans to board the dog. Consider changing meds – this will be held off until September. Making sure my daughter is OK during move-in. Friends and family say this stress is normal when sending a child off to college. OK so it’s normal. Why do I feel so un-normal?

I have been taught not to be afraid to ask for what you need….. I am asking now for your understanding and support. The more “yeah it’s normal” s I get the better I think I will feel. Brother can you spare a dime? Or a least a word of support that this too will pass?

7 thoughts on “Various Interventions for Stress?

  1. It probably feels un-normal because it’s your first time doing it, and it’s a big change. Routine helps keep life manageable, and a big transition like this is bound to temporarily disrupt everything. But with a bit of time, her being at college will become part of the new world of routine. I think it’ll be hard for a few more weeks, but it will pass.

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  2. It’s a big change when a child leaves home. Even though they come back, it’s not the same now. The leaving has started, and so there’s grief, a loss of that period of life. I cried buckets when my son moved out. I cried myself to sleep my first night at uni. It gets easier, but it hurts. Growth hurts. 💖

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  3. Thank you so much for these words of encouragement! It’s nice to know someone has been through it and is on the other side. I imagine if I can cry I’ll be in good shape. Not crying with the anxiety mounting is what concerns me the most. I agree that growth can be painful.


  4. I have an update on med changes. I talked with my doctor yesterday and he does not want to see me switch from clozapine to loxapine. He says the recovery numbers for clozapine are stronger than that for loxapine. He also said loxapine is also affiliated with weight gain though the googling I did said there was weight loss. I trust my doctor implicitly so I will not be making this move. A little disappointed and a little relieved at the same time. In any case, now is not the time to be making a meds switch…..


  5. This is a significant milestone for your daughter, and I wish her well. It is a big transition for you, too. Be patient with yourself. Do not stress over the little things. My late mother once told me when I was having trouble balancing my work, family responsibilities, and health issues, “Take shortcuts. You do not have to keep a perfect house.” At first, I was shocked at getting this advice from my mother, but she was right. All the best! ❤


    1. Thank you so much. You are so kind to share what your Mom shared with you. My problem is not that I keep a perfect house (at all) , but that I worry about something today that is not going to take place until November or December. If were to take your Mom’s advice to heart which I very much would like to do, for me it means don’t take on more than you need to in this minute. That’s how I would apply that great advice to me and my worries. Thanks so much for sending my way. Great advice.


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