What Does It Look Like When Civil Society Is Threatened as Perceived by a Person with Mental Illness?

1. Politics is more a question of love versus hate instead of an identification of ideological differences.

2. A peaceful transition of power is shunned or completely denied by leadership.

3. Rights that were once attainable or available become threatened.

4. Leaders are noted and supported for their charisma more than their actual accomplishments.

5. Behavior at the national level looks more like kindergarteners hoarding the ball to take home rather than leaders with their heads in the game.

6. Communication about other people is reduced to name-calling and slurs on character.

7. Hate is a regular feature in communications and positioning that is generally directed at people who “are not like me.” This hate is often extended beyond words to actions.

8. Gun ownership and gun violence are condoned or encouraged as a means of protecting civil liberties.

9. Political differences between family members are so extreme that family relationships may become strained or damaged.

10. People are not willing to curb their actions even when political mechanisms are faltering or threatened.

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