Prior posts – pattern so far or not?

I have been looking at prior posts at over the last several months. I am exploring if there might be a pattern as to what folks enjoy liking or viewing at my site.

The list following are some of my posts that have either high likes (for me) and/or high views (for me). They are not in any particular order. The data however is somewhat skewed toward more recent posts since those more recent posts are viewed or liked among or within a larger base population than my earlier posts when I first started blogging and was not reaching such a large audience.

  1. Ways of reducing stigma and/or bipolar lessons learned and/or being part of the solution (3 posts)
  2. Specific coverage on depression and anxiety (3 plus posts)
  3. Understanding triggers and self-care /run in with my therapist/what a puppy can do to help living in the present (3 posts)
  4. CBD related posts (3 posts)
  5. Other health issues / brain tumor / stockpile/stockpiling meds / impacts to Civil Society (3 posts)
  6. Confronting specific mental health challenges for the day / what is beauty anyway / covid fatigue / low energy levels / some days / clothing and body image issues (several posts across these several categories grouped together here)

I am not sure at this time that I see a pattern for most viewed or most liked posts other than the summary above. Perhaps I need to regroup the responses at numbers 5 and 6? Not sure about this? Are there specific post topics that you would like to see covered more at this site or other sites you frequent? Or are there specific topics that you feel you no longer have the need to follow? Thanks in advance for your sharing your interests and your input.

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