Thoughts and Prayers

We have lost a dear friend in the mental health blogging community in the last several months. I have stepped away from blogging for a while to reflect. This has impacted me very much and I have been struggling with the proper response to take. That said — here’s wishing you and yours good health and a heart-felt holiday season. Thank you.

Update – The first time I met this blogger online I had just started blogging and had made some comments about stigma being half or more than half of the battle with mental illness. This blogger invited me to guest blog on her post about debunking the stigma around mental health. I was very happy to be asked to do that. While I am not certain what words to use now to pay respects I would go so far as to suggest to those reading that to do some reflection or some expression of how to limit stigma among those with mental health concerns would mean a great deal. I think she would have liked that.

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