Getting Older?

I woke up on Saturday of this past week with something called “floaters.” Theses are shadows that come across your field of vision due to regular aging of the eye ball. I just had the floaters in my left eye. They appeared as floating lines and then shortly after as floating cobwebs.

Floaters can be the sign of something more serious so I went to the eye doctor and she told me my vision was unaffected and therefore to ignore them as much as possible.

Given my propensity for anxiety, this has been a difficult four or so days. The floaters are less noticeable than they were but still in my field of vision. The internet says that in one to six months, floaters should disappear and/or your vision will accommodate as the floaters sink to the bottom of your field of vision.

This still freaks me out as I have always been afraid of something happening with my vision.

Anybody else want to share some health issue that is occurring due to aging?