I play matchmaker in my thoughts from time to time…

Since I was a little girl I have had thoughts of matching couples together. This is likely due to an inner child of 6 years – which is probably about the time I was first abused and was before my parents decided to give up on their marriage and divorce. They divorced when I was about ten years old.

As any six-year-old I was prone to magical thinking and often extended that feeling in myself by matching so and so with so and so. Most times that remained a thought in my brain. On occasion I would share that information. But for the most part, it would just be a cycle of thought inside myself that was nice to consider.

I tend to continue to do this today from time to time. Call it the magical thoughts of a six-year-old? Or just the desire that everyone I care about is in a relationship where they can love and be loved, appreciated and understood?

Does anyone else have the tendency to match people who they know but may not know each other?

Poem for the day – Resilience

There is a day not quite on the horizon where we can see what will become of us.

We know between then and now we are resilient.  We are strong.

In time, waves will wash ashore whispering

With every lap upon the sand this too has passed

While trees will bend to the wind without breaking

And sunshine will fill us with redemption.

Those dear to us will come closer once again and we will see

All God’s beauty shaken perhaps but not dismayed.

We will learn what it means to protect this tiny sphere

We call home.  We will nurture her and protect her and love her.

As we love those around us, neighbors near and far.