Happy Fourth of July to You!

These days I am quite thankful to be living in a place where Freedom is at the core of human experience for the most part. As a person with mental illness, I am happy to have some rights but perhaps not all I wish for. To be fair, I am somewhat to very dissatisfied with the direction of the Supreme Court in this country right now, but I have to say at least there is a Court that exists and exercises its authority to ensure rights for the people however different my interpretation is. I would say that the Supreme Court is not acting in a way that supports my beliefs but I am thankful that we have three branches of the federal Government and somewhere along the way there is or must be accountability. I just hope these recent Supreme Court decisions do not get us here in the US further divided between blue and red states. We have enough divisiveness already! Happy July Fourth to us all regardless of color of skin or color of state!