This is a shout-out…

This is a shout-out to anybody who is listening. We have been dealing with Covid for almost two years. I think we all deserve a shout-out for making it through this in these unprecedented times. Time to look back and say it was a miracle that we have almost passed this 2-year mark and are still kicking. And also to acknowledge with heavy hearts the tragedy that so many people have passed from Covid both in the US and around the globe during that same time-frame.

Here’s Something to Consider

I was just wondering this morning what we all would have done if there had been no internet invented before the onset of covid-19. How would we keep up our blogging? How would we research best practices for covid-19 symptoms? How could we have virtual meetings with doctors? How could we keep up to date with loved ones, family and friends without facetime? How would the kids be doing their remote learning in grade schools, high schools and colleges? How would we keep up with workplace meetings on Zoom? Just imagine how much more isolated we would be feeling without any of these coping mechanisms. Perhaps we need a shout-out to the internet to give thanks for our ability to connect (however limited) to each other in these uncertain times.