I just want to say…..

I continue to be concerned about the deep divisions in the United States at almost every level of government. Rather than be depressed or anxious about where all this is headed, I have resolved to only focus on things I have control over. That includes getting out there and voting, encouraging others to vote, praying that the US finds a path forward that is not so divisive, being open myself to new ideas and paths forward on the issues, and doing my part in seeking to repair the divide rather than enable it. There is no benefit in worrying about where we are headed as a nation. The worrying does not impact the outcome and only makes me more anxious – which again has no value to me or to others. The goal is to be a part of the solution and limit divisiveness rather than encourage it.

There is a pervading sense of calm

There is a pervading sense of calm coming from the United States White House in my little world. There are still many things to do and many things to be done and undone. However, the general feel I get is that experts are in charge of their various areas of expertise and will approach the work in front of them with commitment and passion and compassion. There is no longer a sense of fear and trepidation about what might happen in the future at the White House. There is an emphasis on what can be done and what will be done despite the obstacles.