A “Me Too” Movement Moment

I would be interested in what others have to say about abuse that is psycho-social or psycho-sexual rather than physical. I have tried to heal myself from wounds associated with my college thesis advisor’s behavior toward me for 30 plus years. I don’t seem to get all the way through the processing and foregiveness stages since it seems to the general public that “me too” moments only speak to physical abuse or assault which I did not suffer. I sometimes feel that psycho-social or psycho-sexual assault is worse because we don’t have any context for addressing it.

Do you feel that psycho-social or psycho-sexual behavior toward another person qualifies as abuse? I’d be interested in your thoughts. By these terms I loosely mean that someone is seeking to psychoanalyze you and perhaps make you vulnerable so as to increase his or her own sense of power over you. This includes sexual advances that are not physical in nature but that help reinforce the power dynamic of one person over another.