An Interlude on the Child Within

In the next few days I will be writing about the inner child of 6 whom I have discovered and am discovering. This child has the magical thinking of a young girl and unlimited imagination. I am currently linking an interest in “medical intuition” that I have been cultivating since 1998 with this inner child of 6. Since about 1998, I have been following the work of medical intuitive Caroline Myss, Phd. She has written several books on the subject of medical intuition – most noted is Anatomy of the Spirit: the Seven Stages of Power and Healing. This book is copyrighted 1996 by Caroline Myss with forward copyrighted in 1996 by Crown Publishers. The book was published by Three Rivers Press, a division of Crown Publishers, New York, New York. The text was originally published in hardcover by Harmony Books, a division of Crown Publishers, Inc. in 1996.

As I have written in one of my prior posts, I have often wondered if people with a behavioral health diagnosis may have some sort of other ability of equal importance. Sort of like a blind man who has an extremely heightened sense of music. Or a dog whose ability to smell far outstrips our own.

I will be writing about the subject of medical intuition and how I came upon it more than twenty years ago. My idea of a medical intuitive takes on two perceived roles. First, a medical intuitive may serve as a scout and gather preliminary information about a new health crisis on the horizon in order to help steer medical research to a fruitful place. For me, the medical intuitive always works hand in hand with doctors or scientists who are trying to understand some pressing illness. The second way a medical intuitive might be able to assist is to provide clues about breakthroughs in areas where scientific research has become stalemated. The medical intuitive may see a certain image or certain designs or certain colors much in a dream that once shared are geared to help the scientist get past the impasse in their research.

I realize before I write about medical intuition that many people will feel this is some sort of hoax that is not informed by science. For me, my interest in medical intuition always goes hand in hand with doctors or researchers validating those preliminary findings or preliminary directions. I understand there might be a backlash of non-support among readers or among followers regarding my interest in medical intuition because it seeks to work with scientists to be validated but not be run by scientists. Please know that my perceived insights are only as good as the results found and published and tested on those topics by scientists, doctors and researchers.

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